ORT Argentina Inaugurates New Science Building

The new science and technology center in Buenos Aires. Inset: ORT Argentina National Director Dr Adrian Moscovich attaches the mezuzah while Israeli Ambassador Daniel Gazit and ORT Argentina Vice-President Dario Jaraj look on.

ORT Argentina has inaugurated a new four story science and technology center which includes state-of-the-art labs in fields such as mechatronics, media production, applied maths, design and architecture, biochemistry, physics and environmental sciences.

The building was designed, pro-bono, by ORT Argentina Vice-President Dario Jaraj. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Jaraj said,

“This is a particularly special day for all of us at ORT Argentina. We are witnessing the realisation of a coveted desire: the opening of new classrooms in a new building which extends the campus by 6,000 square meters and which will house the hopes and dreams of our students. This is undoubtedly a milestone in the history of ORT Argentina, an organisation which for 76 years has been continuously working to provide a quality education for all.”

Schools faced many challenges today, he said, not least preparing children for rapidly evolving professional and technological environments.

“But the fundamental challenge is one of educating citizens who are lucid, caring, competent, socially responsible, and, above all, free-thinking. I think the best way to address these challenges is to support our mission of ‘Educating for Life’, providing more and better opportunities for all who choose to study with ORT.”

Mr Jaraj concluded: “The realization of this new building, equipped with the latest technology and designed according to the most advanced specifications, is a fundamental contribution to the education we provide because, as John Dewey said, ‘If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.’”