Nominate Young Rising European Talents to Participate in TZE’ADIM!

YesodEurope-logo-e1443309464281YESOD Europe is seeking nominations for the inaugural 2016 cohort of 12-15 “rising talents” to participate in TZE’ADIM.

The first TZE’ADIM course will offer participants a unique opportunity to enhance their Jewish knowledge, community development and professional skills to benefit their current role and build their professional competency.

Candidates should be between 22-35 years old and have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the Jewish nonprofit sector and have potential for growth.

You can nominate someone or alternatively forward this to potential candidates that can seek to be nominated.

Participants will be required to participate fully in three residential seminars taking place on: 10th-14th January 2016 (Barcelona, Spain); 8th-14th June 2016 (Israel); 11th-15th September 2016 (Sofia, Bulgaria).

For additional information, please visit the Yesod Europe website.

Deadline for nominations is 1st November 2015.