NewsBits: UJC’s Name Change

New Jersey Jewish News editor-in-chief Andrew Silow-Carroll:

UJC’s new name: Back to the future

The name does sort of leave stranded the federations, including United Jewish Communities of MetroWest NJ, who changed their name in the last decade in order to be in synch with the UJC brand. (Its previous name was United Jewish Federation of MetroWest.) Does this mean some of them will begin switching back?

UJC (sorry, JFNA) already seems to be urging federations to adopt their new logo…

A big part of this rebranding, obviously, is to reclaim the “federation” name, which both UJC and a lot of local federations ran away from in the past decade – prodded, famously, by a remark by mega-giver Charles Bronfman that most young people associate “federation” with “Star Trek.”

Now they’ve come full circle, reclaiming a name most of their constituents were never really able to part with.