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Brandeis agrees not to sell art from 3 donors

Brandeis University has agreed not to sell artwork given by three donors who sued to stop it from closing the Rose Art Museum and selling pieces of its collection.

The Waltham school also agreed Tuesday to give the state Attorney General 30 days notice and the chance for review if it decides to sell artwork donated by others.

from Fundermentalist:

JDC faces tough choices at board meetings

In September, the JDC’s budget and finance committee came up with final recommendations, and a budget recommendation will be put before the board this weekend for approval.

The JDC’s CEO, Steve Schwager, would not specify which exact items the organization is contemplating cutting from its budget, which still presumably will top $300 million. But the lion’s share of the cuts will come from its operations in the former Soviet Union and Israel, where the organization does about two-thirds of its work…

from Baltimore, Israel and Overseas (a blog from The Associated)

Not Losing the “Lost Decade”

Yesterday the Dow topped 10,000 points for the first time in a year. Economists are calling it yet another sign that we are coming out of the recession, which is something we can all appreciate. Even with this milepost, there are some are still real worries. To me, one of those concerns is the idea that have just gone through a “lost decade”, but while I’m worried about the economy – I am more concerned that our accomplishments over the past decade are not lost.