NewsBits: Around the Jewish Web

new-website-iconThe weekly Jewish papers are weighing in on President Obama’s proposal to limit charitable tax deductions.

from The Forward:

Jewish Nonprofits Cautiously Push Back on Obama Tax Proposal

In the short time that Barack Obama has served as America’s president, the organized Jewish community has been one of the young administration’s most solid bases of support for its liberal political agenda. But now, many of the major Jewish organizations are taking issue with a proposal that they fear will strike at their very lifeblood — charitable donations.

from The New York Jewish Week:

Downturn Blunting Jewish Fight Over Obama Budget Proposal

The budget proposal President Barack Obama submitted to Congress last week, a call to dramatically change U.S. spending priorities in the face of the worst economic downturn in generations, will touch off political trench warfare in Congress — and possibly new conflict between Jewish organizations that welcome the plan and influential major donors who could get hit with big tax increases.

“There’s a lot of enthusiasm about the shift in priorities to needs like health care and education, but some of our big donors are not going to be happy,” said an official with a major Jewish group who spoke freely on condition of anonymity. “Some of them see this as class warfare against the rich.”

And this, related article from The New York Times:

Charities Say Government is Ignoring Them in Crisis

Like many for-profit companies, charities are seeking help from the government, and they are upset that policy makers do not understand how much the recession has hurt them…

President Obama’s budget proposal came as a slap in the face to many nonprofits, which had thought they had a friend in him because of his early work as a community organizer.