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from an editorial in The New York Jewish Week:

The Job Sharansky Says He Was Born For

Whether Sharansky can make believers out of skeptics is more than an academic question affecting one institution. The future viability of diaspora Jewry, and even much of Israeli life, may well depend on the direction the Jewish Agency takes in the near future in countering widespread assimilation and lack of interest in the Zionist enterprise – in Israel as well – in the 21st century.

from The Jerusalem Post:

Better management could net US day schools $100m a year

“All too often our boards fall into the trap of managing education,” [Harry] Bloom said. [study author]

What are they doing if they’re managing education?

“Not managing the finances of the school.”

from The Jewish Star:

Breaking News: Economy shutters popular post-HS program for boys in Israel, at least for now

Yeshiva Ner Yaakov, a popular post-high school yeshiva in Israel for boys from modern Orthodox homes, will not reopen in September, The Jewish Star has learned.
Rabbi Yehoshua Liff, the Rosh Yeshiva who founded Ner Yaakov in 1988 called the decision “painful.”

“After holding major discussions about the reorganization of the yeshiva in order to remain open, and under severe economic pressure, we made a decision to not open up for this coming semester,” Rabbi Liff said Monday evening.

Ner Yaakov’s kollel program would continue to function during the 2009-2010 term, and “we are keeping options open” to possibly — hopefully — resume the post-high school program in 2010-2011.