New Website Launched to Combat Online Anti-Semitism

A new website aimed at mobilizing world Jewry, governments and community organizations against the proliferation of online anti-Semitism is being launched today.

The Austrailian based Community Internet Engagement (CIE) site was developed by social media expert Andre Oboler.

According to Oboler, the CIE will be a hub for research, education, technology support and advocacy. He tells us, “Changes in technology, particularly in Internet technologies and web 2.0 (Blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc), require community organizations to invest heavily or risk becoming out of touch. Few around can afford that investment, especially given the rate of technological change.

Much of the best practice is yet to be discovered. What we know, however, is that the Internet is now a social medium. It is about sharing, it is about cooperation and it is about communities and community organizations are well placed to harness the power of the Internet to support their activities and further their objectives.”

CIE also aims to work internationally, in cooperation with other experts, to improve the knowledge of online threats to the Jewish people and contribute to the formulation and implementation of global solutions. They aim to be the first point of call for major organizations wanting to engage online, or for the Jewish press when a new internet related story breaks. Oboler continues, “We want to be people consulted each time a new initiative to support Israel and the Jewish people is launched. We want to invest in technology, training and research and strive to become global leaders in online advocacy, not only in the Jewish world but generally.”

Funding to launch the CIE initiative was provided by the Pratt Foundation, who continues to be a major supporter of the project. Oboler, who is a member of the ROI Community, has also received assistance through their network.