New U.K. Foundation Established to Assist Holocaust Survivors

A new grant-giving charitable foundation, Six Point Foundation, is calling on members of the Jewish community to come forward if they were direct victims of Nazi persecution or refugees, fugitives or emigrants from Nazi Germany or Nazi occupied territories, as they may be eligible to financial assistance. From concentration camp survivors to kindertransport children, many people are expected to benefit from the £4 million available. It is hoped that this much needed financial assistance will enable many people to improve their lives.

Six Point Foundation will make small grants for specific purposes, which will be one off contributions in most cases and could include the following:

  • Medical costs such as dental care
  • Travel costs
  • Specialist equipment such as beds and stairlifts
  • White goods such as fridges and washing machines
  • Heating costs
  • Repairs to essential household appliances

These one-off grants will make a substantial difference to the recipients lives, particularly where individual households exist on minimal income and have few if any savings to rely on.

Six Point Foundation was established to distribute funds raised from the disposal of land and property assets owned by the Otto Schiff Housing Association. The Foundation will have a limited life span, remaining operational for 5-7 years, or until all the funds have been distributed.

Those who feel that they may be eligible to funding should visit Six Point Foundation’s website where they or members of their family will be able to fill out an application form to apply for grant funding.

Charitable organisations will also be eligible to apply for grants to fund specific projects, which can be an extension of an existing project or a new proposal and that will ultimately benefit those for whom the Foundation was established.