New Jewish Russian University Opens in Moscow

FJC-CIS: A state-accredited Jewish Russian University, modeled after Touro College’s Lander Colleges for Men and Women, will open next month in Moscow. The university will combine Judaic studies with professional education and provide students with the opportunities to enrich their Jewish tradition knowledge while receiving high standard academic degrees.

The Russian university will be based on FJC’s two already existing higher education institutions – Machon Chamesh for girls and XXI Century for boys, while creating a space for further future development and a wider selection of professional specialties.

“The creation of the University opens a wide field of possibilities in front of us,” said Rabbi Avraham Bekerman, the former director of the Machon Chamesh Institute and the head of the new university. “As a University, we can carry out many new collaboration projects, develop professional specialties, foster growth and overall become a much more serious player on Russia’s academic scene,” he said.

Upon successful completion of their studies, the university’s graduates will receive a state-recognized Russian diploma. They also have a unique opportunity to register for an academic program accredited by New York-based Touro College, a long-standing educational partner of Machon Chamesh, where students can earn an American diploma after completing all the necessary requirements. As part of their mission Touro College has been involved in Jewish Education in Russia close to 30 years, during which thousands of students have become closer to their Jewish heritage. Touro College is proud of their contribution to Jewish life in Russia and started to offer this program to Machon Chamesh students for the last ten years. The American degree has provided great advantages for the students’ Jewish development as well as for finding employment both in Russia and abroad.

The Jewish Russian University will offer degrees in economics and computer sciences, law, humanities and Judaic disciplines, while future plans also include opening a business school and more.

“Our goal is to provide Jewish students in the FSU with a platform for obtaining a high-quality academic education, while also continuing to connect with their heritage and tradition,” said Mr. Alexander Boroda, FJC of Russia’s president about the university’s opening. “For many of the students learning in a Jewish higher education institution has been a life-changing experience and we’re happy to see this platform grow and expand.”