New Grants Target Middle Income Families

Two new local grant initiatives have been announced focusing on assisting middle income families:

Denver, Co. – A grant by an anonymous donor will make it possible for students in Jewish day schools to apply for scholarship support for the upcoming 2014 camp season at Ramah in the Rockies, a Sabbath-observant, Jewish outdoor adventure camp, located in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The grant represents unprecedented support for the camp’s day school campers, as well as traditional need-based scholarships and support for first-time campers.

Any family with an annual income of $175,000 or less that sends at least one child to a Jewish day school and is not already receiving incentive support from the One Happy Camper program may be eligible to receive tuition support. This grant, directed specifically to Day School families earning what some might consider “healthy incomes”, is the only known grant of its kind in the non-Orthodox Jewish camping community.


West Hills, Ca. – Kadima Day School has received a $1.2 million gift from Shawn and Dorit Evenhaim, earmarked for a new multi-year education grant for middle-income families.

This new grant is available to Elementary (Grades K-5) and Middle School (Grades 6-8) families, who are not currently attending Jewish Day School. Families with total gross income up to $150,000 (for one child), and up to $200,000 (for more than one child) will qualify. The grant will result in tuition of $10,000 in a student’s first year. The grant funding will continue for as long as a student remains in their division at Kadima, with only $500 increases each year.