New Children’s Center Dedicated in London

British Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks presided over the grand-opening of the Lubavitch Children’s Centre in London’s Stamford Hill section, joining Jewish leaders and residents in hailing the new center’s support of education and child development.

“Standing here today brings back many memories of being here 40 years ago for the opening of Lubavitch House and building such positive connections with Lubavitch for which I am grateful,” Sacks said at the opening.

The comment echoed recent statements made by the chief rabbi recalling his relationship with Chabad-Lubavitch and its emissaries in the United Kingdom.

“In April 1968, I attended the opening of the first Lubavitch building with others and it was the connection made at that wonderful occasion that drew myself and [Lady Elaine Sacks] into the ambit of Chabad-Lubavitch,” he told The Jewish Chronicle. “And it changed our lives. I would not be a rabbi, let alone the Chief Rabbi, if Lubavitch did not hold out its hand to me.”

Supported by the Hackney Learning Trust and Haringey Council and designated a Sure Start Children’s Centre by Together for Children, the LCC was developed as an innovative learning space for the entire family. In addition to daily activities for children and their parents, the LLC also provides healthcare services, information and support advice, and a nursery school, and houses Vista Education and Training and the largest lending and information library in the UK.

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