New Additions to Our Resource Library

links2-150x150If you are not familiar with our Resource Library, have a look. We developed this section as a way to assist you in connecting with others, reaching a greater audience and keeping current on the newest tends. We also encourage you to check back often as new links are added on a regular basis.

Here are the most recent.

Getting Started with Email Fundraising

Email is an effective way to communicate with donors, and to raise money without substantially raising your overhead. While it isn’t likely to replace direct mail fundraising in your communications mix, emails allow you to inexpensively provide reasons and reminders to give, right when they can be most effective. Some donors are more likely to read and act on an email. And it’s not particularly complicated to do.

Almost every organization should consider email fundraising. Here’s how to get started.

Getting Your Board Onboard for Online Fundraising Success

You’ve probably seen the statistics – more than 73 percent of Americans are online, and online fundraising is growing year over year. And then there’s the fact that adding online communications to a nonprofit organization’s toolkit can more than double donors’ lifetime value. But even in the face of these compelling facts and figures, you’re still behind.

Rather than focusing your dollars and resources on raising money offline, it’s time to shift your strategic focus to the online world. You see the need, but there’s an obstacle that lies between your technology investment and your strategic online initiatives: your board.

Twitter: I think I get it. Now what do I tweet?

A little while ago, we got a question from a client about Twitter. They have the basics down pat: they know the lingo, and they understand the importance of conversation. But they were curious about what kind of content they should tweet, and how to strike the right balance between carrying on conversation and self-promotion.

What’s More Awesome than Sharing? Publishing, with Facebook Connect

With two billion pieces of content shared every day on Facebook, influentials confirming that Facebook has been the largest gainer of online usage over the past three years, and recent deals with Microsoft and Google to bring public status updates to search results, getting your nonprofit organization to appear in Facebook’s news stream needs to be a marketing priority for the new year.

Writing for the Web: Tips for Nonprofit Organizations

… you need to make sure that your website is not only visually easy to navigate but also written from the perspective of your web visitors. Provide them with information that helps them quickly determine what services they need or in which ways they can best support your work.