Netanyahu Taps Sharansky for JAFI

In a move that may bring conflict with Diaspora fundraisers and JAFI Board members [looking to change the nominating process for executive positions], Prime Minister Netanyahu named former minister Natan Sharansky as his candidate for chairman of the Jewish Agency.

While The Jerusalem Post is reporting “[Jewish Agency] officials are welcoming the prime minister’s decision”, Sharansky’s possible appointment was torpedoed the last time around in a process that led to Zeev Bielski’s election. How this same community will react now is open to speculation.

In addition, the JAFI Board has been hard at work drafting revised bylaws to be voted upon this June. Included is a new nominating process for the CEO and three other top positions. The Prime Minister tonight has effectively told the JAFI Board he will not go along with the proposed revisions.

Here’s more from The Jerusalem Post, JA pleased at Sharansky appointment.