Natan Fund Launches Amplifier to Propel Giving Circles into a Global Movement of Jewish Philanthropists


The Natan Fund, a giving circle of young professionals in New York, has launched Amplifier: The Jewish Giving Circle Movement, a new global network of giving circles inspired by Jewish values. Amplifier is the first concerted effort to unite Jewish giving circles into a field, catalyze the creation of new circles, educate circle members on best practices in philanthropy, and connect giving circles to each other and to grantseekers of all types efficiently and effectively through an innovative new web platform.

Amplifier, powered by Natan, was funded through a pilot grant by the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, and created in partnership with dozens of giving circles and organizations around the world, including eJewish Philanthropy.

Giving circles are groups of people who come together to pool their charitable donations and decide together where to give their money away. Jewish giving circles are giving circles that are inspired by Jewish values, many of which also give to Jewish and/or Israeli causes.

Amplifier’s goal is to strengthen and expand the universe of Jewish giving circles, inspired by the knowledge that giving circles catalyze philanthropy, strengthen Jewish identity and engagement with the nonprofit sector, and build values-driven, grassroots communities. Thanks to Amplifier, individuals all over the world are already starting new Jewish giving circles, as are nonprofit and philanthropic organizations that want to use giving circles as a new way to engage their stakeholders.

Amplifier has just launched a robust web platform at, which includes a resource library, a giving circle directory and circle management tools, an organizational directory and common grant applications. Off-line, Amplifier offers training, coaching, convenings, and workshops to help giving circles get off the ground and to strengthen and sustain their work over time.

Amplifier is eager to help you start a giving circle at any financial level and focused on funding any types of causes. Please be in touch with them at to learn more.