More on NewCAJE

Leora Koller-Fox writing in/on JewSchool:

Mazal Tov! It’s an Organization!

At its core, CAJE was a place where educators could meet with their colleagues to experiment with innovative, cutting edge ideas about the most essential piece of Judaism – its transmission to the next generation.

… This week, an eblast went out to the membership list to announce the birth of the new grass roots movement. So now I can officially introduce to you to NewCAJE. While its purpose and mission haven’t been defined yet, it has a solid foundation of the most experienced and talented educators waiting to mentor the next generation into the field. Their mission is to build up a solid framework for NewCAJE and give it to us to do with as we please.

Ira J.Wise, RJE, writing in/on Welcome to the Next Level:

And Now, for Something Completely Different

NewCAJE is no longer a Nimitz class organization. That is scary. It has little in the way of money or infrastructure. It is also wonderful. If the twentySomthings and thirtySomethings will step up and teach something to the rest of us, NewCAJE is now stripped down and nimble enough [to] weave through the traffic of this Brave New (and often digital) world. It is ready to become something new while remembering the lessons and traditions of what came before.