More on ‘Lost’

Some say no publicity is bad publicity. And on one level I feel certain MASA’s pr consultants will point to their success in having CNN pick up the ‘Lost’ story (posted on their Website within the past hour). Somehow, though, I do not think this is a shining moment for MASA.

from CNN:

Ad campaign trying to bring ‘lost Jews’ together backfires

Story highlights:

  • Jews living outside of Israel shown as “lost” because they married non-Jews
  • Ads featured dark images with solemn music
  • Critics say it exposed disconnect between Israeli Jews and foreign counterparts
  • Backlash ultimately resulted in campaign being pulled after three days

“The PR campaign should bring the Jews of the diaspora closer and not alienate them,” said Natan Sharansky, head of the Jewish Agency.

Rabbi Uri Regev said MASA used scaremongering tactics when it could have taken a more positive approach.