Mobilization in Memory

If you are a regular reader of eJewish Philanthropy, you probably know most of those involved in bringing this endeavor to fruition live in Jerusalem.

And while we have a relatively narrow focus on this site, and a desire to remain out of anything even remotely political, the murder of the eight students in the heart of Jerusalem has touched us all. Hence, some blog posts last Thursday night and Friday morning. And this one.

Today, the Jewish Agency for Israel announced a

Worldwide Mobilization in Memory of the Victims

In the wake of the horrific massacre of 8 innocent Israeli high school students and young adults on Rosh Chodesh Adar Bet, Thursday night [6th March 2008], in the sanctuary of the library at the Merkaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem, the Jewish Agency for Israel is launching an appeal to Jewish communities and the wider public to stand together.

We call on parents, students, and community leaders around the world to uphold values, including the sanctity of life, to offer comfort, love and support for those whose lives have been shattered – and, simultaneously, to express their outrage at this cult of terror and its heinous desecration of human life.

As the shocked and grieving parents, teachers and friends of the 8 murdered students sit shiva and seek understanding and strength to persevere, make your voices heard in your communities, in the street, and in the media.

A special information kit, including photos of the attack, banners and stickers, will be sent to the hundreds of emissaries around the world who represent JAFI and the WZO as well as to heads of Jewish organizations, student organizations, youth movements, Zionist Federations, synagogues of the various streams, etc.

In his special letter, which will be distributed alongside the kit, Jewish Agency Chairman Zeev Bielski calls on leaders of Jewish communities and Jewish organizations to hold solidarity rallies with the State of Israel and mass prayer gatherings in memory of those killed in the attack and for the health of the injured, as well as demonstrations opposite embassies of Iran as a supporter of Hamas terrorism.

“At this hour, it is our duty to come together as one and spread the word of this horrible terror attack to every corner of the world, in order to widen the circle of support of the State of Israel and the solidarity with its continuing struggle against terror”, wrote Bielski in his letter to heads of Jewish organizations.

This campaign is being conducted in coordination with the Israel Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

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