Mobile Giving: Coming Soon to a Phone Near You

What is Mobile Giving?

Mobile giving, the act of donating to a cause through one’s cell phone, is the newest thing in philanthropy.

Spurred by the Millennial Generation (born 1982-2002), mobile giving is taking off. The technology has advanced to a simple system, and the largest U.S. providers of cell phone service have agreed to include these small donations (usually $5 or $10) on their customers’ cell phone bills without any additional charge.

take a look: Recently, Alicia Keys went on a concert tour. During her performances she played a video from her film, made during a recent tour of that continent. Then, Alicia asked concert goers to pull out their cell phones and text the word “ALIVE” to a particular number. More than 8,000 people did so right at the concerts, raising more than $40,000 to fight AIDS. Alicia said about her campaign, “Texting can provide a way to give at that instant when we are moved, rather than later when life takes over.”

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