Millions Missing From ZAKA Accounts


Millions Missing From ZAKA Accounts As Haredi Founder Stands Accused Of Fraud

Ma’ariv’s weekend edition has a long expose in Hebrew on Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, Eidah Charedis’ former chief operations officer /street captain who left his anti-Zionist roots after witnessing the aftermath of a terror attack, and ZAKA, the disaster response organization he founded in response.

Yehuda Meshi-Zahav has his own ZAKA organization that is separate from the ZAKA he started years ago, but few people realize this. He and his family raise money for that newer ZAKA but don’t tell donors that it is different from the original ZAKA. They get people to donate ambulances and EMT vehicles but don’t actually buy any with the donors’ money, and the donors’ money doesn’t reach the original ZAKA even though Meshi-Zahav still uses the original ZAKA’s tax I.D. number. Meshi-Zahav’s ZAKA allegedly has an agreement with the original ZAKA that allows this, but Meshi-Zahav is supposed to give 40% of what his ZAKA raises after expenses to the original ZAKA. However, no money has been given to it by Meshi-Zahav’s ZAKA.