Milestone Year for High-Tech Jewish New Year Project “Do You 10Q?”

Illustrator and Author Lisa Brown for 10Q

In a digital age when Instagram and Twitter posts pass for “personal reflection,” Reboot is providing a chance for real and deep reflection during the upcoming Jewish High Holidays with its “Do You 10Q?” website, now celebrating its 10th year.

Over the years, more than 50,000 participants of all backgrounds have turned to 10Q for a meaningful and modern spin on the centuries-old tradition of atonement and self-change during the 10 days between Rosh Hashanah (Sept. 20) and Yom Kippur (Sept. 30). Thousands more have participated around the world in 10Q events held by Reboot partners. The 10Q project emails one question a day to followers, who enter their answers into a secure online vault. A year later, answers are unlocked and returned, and the process begins anew. The questions are focused on life, goals, plans for the future, relationships, our place in the world and more.

Among this year’s participants are writer and director Jill Soloway (“Transparent,” “I Love Dick”) and author and illustrator Lisa Brown.

New for its 10-year anniversary, Reboot is taking 10Q to the streets with Pop Up 10Q Reflection booths in major U.S. cities and inviting passersby to write postcards to themselves. Pop Ups will be held in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit and New York City in farmers’ markets, public plazas, community centers and more.

“We live in a world where we are asked to multitask and it is becoming obvious we are in need of opportunities to focus, hit pause and take the time to reflect, react and renew. For those new to 10Q, this is that chance. For participants returning again and again, they relish the day the vault reopens every year, linking to their previous year’s memories, hits, misses and predictions. 10Q gives them a place to look back on their lives and track their movement forward,” said Reboot Executive Director David Katznelson.