Maintaining Your E-Mail List

Treat your e-mail subscribers with respect and protect your organization’s reputation through consistent database policies. Optimize one of your best resources.

“Email marketers’ most valued asset is the mailing list, but few take the necessary steps to protect it. Here are common vulnerabilities to avoid.

What’s your greatest email marketing asset? It isn’t your list software, creative designs or even your budget.

None of those really matter if you don’t have a healthy, vibrant and engaged mailing list. Without your subscribers, whom I will assume have all opted in to receive your mailings, you have no marketing program, or at least not one that recovers its costs and adds value to your company.

So, what are you doing to protect this most precious asset? Not much, judging by what I see marketers doing across the industry. They would never leave money out on a table, but they don’t take the necessary steps to protect their lists from abuse, internally or externally.”

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