Lynn Schusterman Honored as a Builder of Jerusalem

Philanthropist Lynn Schusterman received the Builder of Jerusalem award from Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat on Wednesday night. The award recognizes those who demonstrate a deep personal commitment to the city and whose work is helping to shape a promising future for Jerusalem.

In a special ceremony, Barkat acknowledged Schusterman’s close partnership with the municipality, “For me, Lynn you’re not just a philanthropist but an entrepreneur. Your commitment to the city is second to none.”

Schusterman said she finds great joy in the city’s recent cultural and economic revival, “People speak with renewed optimism and pride in Jerusalem that was unimaginable a few years ago.”

In addressing Jerusalem’s future, Lynn emphasized the need to safeguard the city’s pluralism, referencing recent decisions in Israel that threaten religious freedom.

“As someone who loves Jerusalem and Israel with all of her heart, it is painful to see that my Jewishness, and the Jewishness of so many like me, might not be recognized here in our homeland,” she said.

“I accept this award on behalf of those who believe in Jerusalem as a model of diversity, tolerance, belonging and coexistence. And who believe that Israel is the homeland for ALL the Jewish people.”

Mayor Barkat noted Schusterman’s many contributions to Israel and Jerusalem, including her investments in Birthright Israel, Israel Museum, Haruv Institute and the newly created Haruv Children’s Campus dedicated to treating abused children and their families, Jerusalem Season of Culture, REALITY, ROI Community and Beit Lynn, among others.

Over 300 members of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation’s ROI Community were in attendance at the award ceremony. The ROI Summit, currently taking place in Jerusalem, is the program’s flagship gathering.