Love to the Power of 24: Announcing The Global Day of Jewish Learning’s 24×24 – Luminaries of Jewish Learning LIVE from around the globe


The Global Day of Jewish Learning is thrilled to announce the speakers and schedule for this year’s 24×24, our live webcast series. Learn with authors, scholars, artists, and rabbis from around the world. This year’s theme of Love: Devotion, Desire and Deception will be examined through the lenses of Jewish texts and Jewish art.

24×24 is presented with participation from partner organizations such as Hillel International, URJ, and AJWS in the USA, and with international partners Akadem and the Universidad Hebraica, Mexico.

Broadcasts begin on Sunday, November 15, 2015 at 0:00 GMT/UTC. For viewers West of the Atlantic, this is the evening of Saturday November 14th, beginning at 7:00pm EST. The Global Day of Jewish Learning will broadcast this live video event free of charge via Google Hangouts On Air. 24×24 is a free resource open to everyone – participants can watch the videos live at on November 15.

Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz will open the day of learning with his talk “Love: Seeing Through All the Veils.”

Sessions will include:

  • Abi Dauber Sterne (Hillel International), “Love Yourself More than Your Neighbor: Particularism vs. Universalism”
  • Rabbi Peretz Wolf-Prusan (LehrHaus), “Desire: It’s Good For You! The Body, Sexuality and Fat Rabbis in the Talmud”
  • Yulia Patrakova (Russian), The Artist Chaim Soutine: “Straight Bow, Silent Scream and Motionless Dancing”
  • Yeshaya Dalsace (Akadem) (French), “Soupçon, jalousie et perversion: la femme Sota” (Suspicion, Jealousy and Perversion: the Case of the Sota)
  • Rabbi Meni Even-Israel (Shefa), “Dysfunctional Jewish family: What is love?”
  • Dr. Zeev Dashevsky (Machanaim) (Russian), King’s Anger, Royal Love
  • Rabbi Bradley Solmsen (URJ), “First Love: What we can discover about love from Gan Eden/The Garden of Eden”
  • Sandee Brawarsky, Hanan Harchol and Rabbi Leon Morris (The Jewish Week, Jewish Food For Thought and Shalom Hartman Institute), “Fish Love: A Discussion on Self-Love and Loving Others”
  • Rabbi Efrem Goldberg (Boca Raton Synagogue), “Learning to Love in a World of Likes”
  • Gabriella Lev (Theatre Company Jerusalem), “Wayward Woman: A Timeless Tale on the Modern Stage”
  • Rabbi Elie Kaunfer (Mechon Hadar), “Lekha Dodi: The Most Famous Jewish Love Poem”
  • Ruth Messinger (AJWS), “Listen With a Loving Heart: A Recipe to Repair the World”
  • Rabbi Alex Israel (Jewish Nashville, courtesy of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies), “Rachel and Leah: Sibling Rivalry and Jewish Unity”
  • Dr. Daniel Fainstein (Universidad Hebraica) (Spanish), “El Cantar de los Cantares: lecturas y comentarios sobre el más bello poema de amor, desde rabi Akiba a Franz Rosenzweig” (The Song of Songs: Readings and Commentaries to the Most Beautiful Love Poem, from Rabbi Akiva to Franz Rosenzweig)
  • Dr. Joel Hecker (Jewish Reconstructionist Communities in Association with the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College), “A Kiss is Just A Kiss? Mystical Union, Personal Salvation, and World Redemption through Kabbalistic Kissing”
  • Naomi Less (Mechon Hadar and Lab/Shul), “What’s love got to do with it? A musical exploration of self-love, divine love and everything in between”
  • Emmanuel Bloch (Akadem) (French), “L’Espion qui m’aimait: Yehouda et Yossef, une Histoire d’Amour Fraternel?” (The Spy Who Loved Me: Yehudah and Yossef, a Tale of Brotherly Love?)
  • Naomi Ackerman (The Advot Project), “When Love Hurts, ‘Flowers Aren’t Enough’ – A Dramatic Presentation About Interpersonal Abuse”
  • Dasee Berkowitz (Akeya), “Love: Becoming a Soulful Parent”
  • Rabbi Michael Farbman (COJECO)
  • Rabbi Zac Kamenetz (JCC of San Francisco), “A Thousand Kisses Deep: Four Voices That Fell In Love With God”
  • Ruby Namdar (14 Street Y, LABA), “Joseph and His Master’s Wife: A Tale of Love, Obsession, Temptation and Piety”
  • Rabbi Uri Lam & Rabbi Guershon Kwasniewski (CIM and SIBRA) (Portuguese),“Loving God, Loving Ourselves”
  • Abigail Pogrebin interviewed by Miri Pomerantz Dauber of the Jewish Book Council, “Twins: A Love Story”

The Global Day of Jewish Learning – this year, November 15th – unites hundreds of Jewish communities worldwide through study of our shared texts. Registered communities are provided with resource materials, including a detailed curriculum on the theme, free of charge. This is a project of the Aleph Society, under the aegis of Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz, furthering his mission to “Let my people know.” 24×24 propels this vision forward in a digital age. The Global Day is dedicated to the life and legacy of Ralph I. Goldman z”l. To learn more visit or contact Karen Sponder, Project Director: karen at