Listen Up: Jewish Voices on the Power of Words. Join the discussion on November 17.

Announcing the schedule and speakers for the Global Day ON AIR – webcast series exploring the theme “Speaking Volumes”

It can be hard to cut through the noise of all the discourse – and discord – in the news, online, all around us. On Sunday November 17, the Global Day of Jewish Learning will make room for us to listen. This series of videos is broadcast LIVE throughout the day and showcases fresh, diverse Jewish voices from around the world, exploring the power of words.

Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz, who spearheads the Global Day of Jewish Learning, writes:

Words give us the enormous power of transferring ideas to others, even as words help us formulate ideas in ways that we ourselves can grasp. When we understand words – not as history or as a dictionary definition, but as living entities – we grasp both the power and the limits of words, that is the basis of a new relationship with our own ideas.”

With these words in mind, the study theme for the Global Day and its participants is “Speaking Volumes,” bringing to the forefront questions about how and why words matter. From ancient arguments to modern meanings, from raising our voices to remaining silent, Jewish texts have a lot to say about words. Broadcast speakers and topics (English) are:

  • Dr. Deena Aronoff, Rabbi Jennifer Clayman, Rabbi Dorothy Richman, and Rabbi Peretz Wolf-Prusan, “Falling Down and Speaking Up: Laments from the Heartbreak Hotel”
  • Rabba Yaffa Epstein and Rabbanit Sara Wolkenefld, “Friendship or Death – Havruta o Mituta: Can words kill?”
  • Rabbi Meni Even-Israel,Two Paths to Understanding Words: Translation and Commentary
  • Sandra Lilienthal, “Not One Empty Word”
  • Rabbi Yehiel Poupko, “Chana: The Woman of Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur
  • Rabbi David Teutsch, “Feedback that Works: The Art of Tochecha
  • Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, “Words that Hurt, Words that Heal”



Spark conversation in your community with these impressive speakers on November 17. Host a learning event, a viewing party, or a study group to be part of this worldwide event. Consider how you use and abuse words, and how your community can enrich its conversations.

The Global Day of Jewish Learning is a project of the Aleph Society, and furthers Rabbi Steinsaltz’s mission to “Let My People Know.” Registered communities are provided with resource materials, including a detailed curriculum on the theme, free of charge. Communities around the world will gather in person locally to study and celebrate Jewish texts together, creating a global movement rooted in our shared texts. The Global Day is dedicated to the life and legacy of Ralph I. Golman z”l. To learn more visit or contact Karen Sponder, Project Director:

Global Day ON AIR is a LIVE online video series available FREE to everyone, everywhere. Global Day ON AIR takes place on Sunday, November 17.