Links As a Resource Tool

We’ve added a number of articles to our Resources section in recent days that are informative and thought provoking. We hope some will be useful to your organization:

A New Year’s Resolution: Don’t Cut Off Your Nose

Last year was a tough year, and 2009 might be even tougher. Nonprofits are hunkering down, trying to weather the economic storm that is dramatically reducing their revenues yet increasing demand for their services. Often one of the first functions to go is communications.

Social Networks Grow: Friending Mom and Dad

The share of adult internet users who have a profile on a social networking site has more than quadrupled in the past four years.

Rethinking the Relationship between Subject Line Length and Email Performance

In general, shorter subject lines are associated with better email performance, as determined by opens and clicks.

Should You Delete Old Blog Posts or Website Content?

Is all of your web content up-to-date and useful?

Why Linking Works

A website without links is like a bicycle without a chain.

Your Website as an Experience of Your Brand

Your organization’s brand is more than just its logo, its name, or how it all looks on letterhead.