Limmud Fest: An Outdoor Happening

It’s a Limmud month – from the U.K. to the U.S. to Russia’s Far East – and newer models continue to grow from the original.

Beginning with Limmud Fest, five days of learning and fun in the U.K. – from studying with fantastic presenters to dancing to the latest Jewish beats; a magical recipe of art, tradition, religion, spirituality and Jewish life, sprinkled with creativity and served to participants from all backgrounds, religious affiliations and age groups.

Limmud Fest has quickly grown in five years from a gathering of around 200 British-Jewish young adults seeking an alternative Jewish experience in the summer, to the most important event in the British-Jewish summer calendar.

Last week over 600 people participated, from 5 months to 88 years old; from shomrei-mitzvot Orthodox Jews, to not-been-in-a-shul-since-my-Bar Mitzvah
Jews; male, female, gay, straight, Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Reform, Masorti, Liberal, Orthodox, black and white Jews; 130 under 18 year olds; families, singles, couples; rabbis, musicians, poets, artists, philosophers, activists, educators, – and even, doctors, lawyers and accountants!; Jews from all over the UK as well as from Los Angeles, Berlin, Jerusalem, The Galil, Netherlands, France, Chicago, South Africa, Australia and Tel Aviv.

As the founding member of Limmud International, Limmud U.K. has begun exporting the Limmud Fest model to other communities too – this weekend sees the first ever Fest in Atlanta – the first of it’s kind in North America.

Here’s more from The Jewish Chronicle:

Limmudfest proves the Peak of diversity

Fest is the outdoor version of Limmud’s cross-communal educational conference and the brainchild of its executive vice-chair Micah Gold. Even though the event is now in its sixth year – with plans to relocate in 2010 to allow for more outdoor activities – he admits to still feeling strange about seeing so many Jews experiencing life under canvas.