Limmud Around the World

Since their beginnings over twenty five years ago, Limmud has been spreading at an unprecedented rate throughout the Jewish world. Inspired by their visits to Limmud Conferences in the U.K., tens of activists have returned to their home communities enthused and invigorated by Limmud’s unique model of cross-communal, volunteer-led, dynamic Jewish education – and sought to replicate some of the Limmud magic in their own community. Indeed, as the Jerusalem Report astutely observed: “wherever there are Jews, there should be a Limmud”.

Here is their upcoming and impressive line-up for the next few months:

Limmud Keshet Poland : 24-26
Limmud FSU Yalta : 27-30

Limmud Keset Hungary : 7-9
Limmud Turkey : 21-23
Limmud Sweden : 21-23
Limoud France : 21-23
Limmud Keshet ex-Yu (Serbia) : 21-23

Limmud Chagall (Minsk, Belarus): 5-7
Limmud Galil (Israel) : 23-24
Limmud Conference UK : 26/12-01/01

Limmud NY : 15-19

Limmud LA : 13-16