LifeChanger FSU opens First-ever Special Education Resource Room in the Ukraine

Sophia Sitzikia; courtesy.

LifeChanger FSU, a proactive human services organization in the Ukraine, has opened a special education resource room at the Or Avner Jewish School in Nikolaev in southern Ukraine, the first of its kind in Ukrainian schools. The resource room is equipped with a special adjustable desk and chair, a small trampoline, a fitness ball, bean bag chairs and a music corner, and it is staffed by educational specialists, including a special education teacher, a psychologist and a neuro-psychologist, who provide individualized instruction for the young students.

Though special education resource rooms are commonplace in Western public and private schools, they are seen as a luxury in the Ukraine. LifeChanger FSU’s space was originally set aside at the beginning of the school year for a young girl named Sophia Sitzikia who had been severely neglected and fell behind in her studies, but the room has been made available to all students receiving educational assistance from LifeChanger FSU now that Sophia has almost completely caught up with her peers.

“Sophia helped us understand the true potential of this incredible educational tool. She is a very bright girl who was misunderstood, neglected and never provided with the tools and opportunities necessary to shine. Working with tutors in the resource room, she was finally able to study at her own pace, take productive breaks when need, and explore her potential,” said Irina Chernobryvetz, Director of LifeChanger FSU.

In the two months since the resource room’s grand opening, three other children have been using the room regularly to find their educational footing.

“The room is divided into different zones in which children with special needs can relax or redirect their attention to other activities as a way to cool down or psych themselves up for another lesson. It is an environment that nurtures and supports the child on their road to rehabilitation,” added Chernobryvetz.