Judaism and Social Justice in 21st Century Israel Summer Seminar 2011

Are you a Rabbi, Rabbinical Student, Educator, Community leader or Social Activist?
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Enroll for Judaism and Social Justice in 21st Century Israel Summer Seminar 2011

What: A unique program created by Israel’s leading pluralistic organizations; The Daniel Centers for Progressive Judaism and BINA Center for Jewish Identity and Hebrew Culture and Midreshet Iyun-Neve Zedek. Study Talmud, learn Hebrew, volunteer and get to know Israeli society; Learn up-close about the most critical issues of social justice in Israel today through hands-on experience, encounters with Israelis and tours throughout the country.

Where: A Summer Seminar at the Secular Yeshiva in Tel-Aviv and at the Mishkenot Ruth Daniel Community Center in Jaffa.

When: Participants in this 4-week seminar will explore the relationship between social justice activism in contemporary Israel and the values articulated on these issues in generations of Jewish text. Dates: July 18th 2011 – August 11th 2011

Program Components:

Limud: Tikun Olam in Rabbinic texts: Study sessions will focus on issues of social justice as presented in rabbinic period literature from the Talmud and Midrash.

Ulpan: Hebrew language Ulpan with an emphasis on conversational skills for daily interactions and effective volunteer work. Class level will be matched to participants’ Hebrew proficiency level.

Assiyah – Social Action: Participants will be offered a range of meaningful volunteer opportunities, primarily in the community of south Tel-Aviv and Jaffa. Assignments could include working with the elderly, with foreign workers and refugees from Sudan or in co- existence projects with Arab and Jewish children in daycare programs, community centers and more.

Mifgash – Tours and Encounters: An essential part of the program will be getting to know a broad range of social justice organizations in Israel. Participants will meet and hear from activists; take day trips throughout Israel to learn more about relevant issues and ways in which they are being currently addressed.

Havaya – Experience Tel-Aviv: Participants will get to know Tel-Aviv and Jaffa through daily living, educational tours and cultural events and will have a chance to experience Jewish renaissance in central Israel.

Additional information is available on the Beit Daniel website.

Deadline for applications is April 29, 2011