JNF’s Newest Gig: A Car Rally from London to Jerusalem

As part of the celebrations for Israel’s 60th, the JNF is aiming to raise $500,000 for residents of the Negev desert.

The plan: an 18 day rally, during which drivers will meander on a pleasant route through continental Europe before crossing the Mediterranean by either boat or cargo plane. The convoy will be made up of several prominent members of the U.K.’s Jewish community, along with participants from Ireland, Switzerland and the U.S.

Being a fundraising event, participation in the rally will not come cheap. Cost per person is about $35,000, with the honor of leading the convoy – and being the first person to drive through the Knesset gates – a cool $100K. However, the entry price is dwarfed by the value of the vehicles, including a Cadillac from 1942 and a Rolls Royce from 1948. With a collective price tag over $80 million, these vehicles will be displayed on the Knesset grounds upon arrival.

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