JNF (U.K.) Sues Board Member

from The Jewish Chronicle (London):

JNF sues board member for £700k costs

JNF UK could be heading for a new High Court case later this year after suing a former board member for nearly £700,000.

The charity claims that Maurice Sherling (known as Charlie), owes the money to cover the JNF’s legal fees in its past dispute with its Israeli associate Keren Kayemet LeIsrael (KKL).

… The dispute between KKL and JNF broke out nearly four and a half years ago when the Israeli agency said it was going to set up a rival fundraising operation in the UK because it was not getting the funds it expected from JNF.

Taking the dispute to the High Court, the UK charity then failed to win a temporary injunction to stop KKL using the names JNF or Jewish National Fund for raising money in Britain.

Finally, the two organisations patched up their quarrel early in 2008 – but not before running up an estimated £4 million of legal fees between them.