Jewish Social Action Month; Building Unity through Positive Action

We invite you to join Jewish communities, organizations and individuals from around the world in celebrating a month of social action and Jewish unity.

Since its establishment in 2005 by KolDor, a global network of young Jewish activists, and Member of Knesset, Rabbi Michael Melchior and the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel, Jewish Social Action Month (JSAM) has evoked a remarkable response.

For the last three years, Jewish Social Action Month has brought the world together in common cause – around our traditions of tzedek (righteousness) and tikun olam (repairing the world) – during the month of Cheshvan. This year, Cheshvan will be from 30 October to 27 November 2008.

By encouraging a sense of Jewish Peoplehood and a positive Jewish identity JSAM transforms a month without holidays, often associated in the Jewish tradition with bitterness, into a global celebration of positive action and unity. It has successfully involved thousands of people around the globe in common cause and has garnered the political support of the Presidents of both Israel and the United States along with legislators in the UK, the US and Israel. A wide spectrum of Jewish religious leaders, major institutions, youth groups, communal organizations and others worldwide endorsed the initiative and created exciting and widespread programs.

This year’s Jewish Social Action Month, occurring during Israel’s 60th anniversary, promises to be once again an amazing time of increased unity and positive action involving Jews from many countries and perspectives.

Every group or individual is welcome to mark Jewish Social Action Month in the way most meaningful to them and their community. Cheshvan can be a month to launch new social action projects or increase existing efforts. The actions can be large scale projects or simple acts of individual kindness. They can be focused on the Jewish community, on the wider world or the environment. Jewish Social Action Month presents endless possibilities to make a difference. Each act is important in itself and will also link to this global Jewish effort to make the world a better place. For a fuller indication of partners and projects, see

Mark the first of Cheshvan, October 30, on your organizational calendars as the beginning of Jewish Social Action Month. Start planning the social actions in your community that will make this Cheshvan a global celebration — a month of meaning and justice.

Jewish Social Action Month belongs to everyone who wishes to take part. Contact KolDor ( for more information.