Jewish Learning Venture Launches “Nefesh Kol Chai: Caring for Every Learner’s Soul”

Jewish Learning Venture (JLV) is excited to announce the launch of Nefesh Kol Chai: Caring for Every Learner’s Soul with the 2019-2020 pilot cohort. Nefesh is an innovative professional development initiative for congregational educators that will explore a new paradigm for Jewish education, focusing on helping learners to thrive.

Jewish Learning Venture developed Nefesh Kol Chai as part of its partnership in Shinui: The Network for Innovation in Part-Time Jewish Education. Beginning in November, Shinui will launch a four-part webinar series for educators to understand the application of thriving in educational settings.

The pilot cohort that is small by design. It will include the Shinui web series, three (3) in-person cohort meetings, reflection, a leadership retreat, and one-on-one coaching. The initiative also intentionally pairs each education director with one lead teacher of their choice to work together on implementing change and exploring new possibilities for learners and their families.