Jewish Education Technology Conference to be Held in Houston

In order for Jewish educators to effectively connect with their students they need to understand 21st century technologies. In a world full of social media, game systems, smart phones and handheld computers, learning is a multi-sensory experience. By bringing technology into the classroom, educators will be armed with the tools to impact and engage students.

To address this need, the Partnership for Effective Learning and Innovative Education (PELIE) and The AVI CHAI Foundation will host a Kadima Technology Conference in Houston, Texas on Monday, May 7th. This is the second Kadima conference, building off the success of the 2011 summer conference in Cleveland.

Brian Mull, an expert in the field of educational technology, will serve as the keynote speaker. Breakout sessions will let participants experiment with technology tools in a small group environment.

Conference participants will attend in teams of three to five, representing day schools and complementary Jewish education programs from Dallas, Houston and the surrounding region.

Conference attendees will be responsible for teaching forward what they learn to their colleagues in their home communities. The cost of the conference is underwritten by PELIE and AVI CHAI.

For more information or to receive an application, please email Ben Greenberg at