Jewish Books at Moscow International Book Fair

Jewish publishing houses and cultural organizations participated in the 24th Moscow International Book Fair, held September 7-11 at the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Russia’s capital.

At the booth organized by the Knizhniki (Scribes) Publishing House, KPH’s recent releases were on display. These included: “Prose of Jewish Life,” the work of Polish writer Bruno Schulz; A collection of stories entitled “Survived”; and “Job,” a novel by Joseph Roth. The non-fiction literary series “Chase Collection” highlighted Edward Kritsler’s work on Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean Sea, and the Keshet (Rainbow) Children’s Book Series included Linda Heller’s book, “Today is the World’s Birthday,” in honor of Rosh Hashanah.

An employee of KPH, Levana Dvorsohn, noted that the books released by the publishing house aroused considerable interest among visitors to the exhibition. “Our booth was visited by those who were looking for our newest releases as well as those had never purchased our books but were interested in literature about Jews and Judaism.”

In addition to the literary works mentioned above, visitors were interested in the books published as part of the “Library of Jewish Texts,” including the Torah with a new Russian translation, the Mishnah and many others.