Jewish American Military Families to Receive Free Boxes of Matzos

Jewish American military families will receive a box of matzos as a part of an annual partnership between Yehuda Matzos and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. For many military families, PJ Library plays an important role in their ability to continue to participate in Jewish life and celebrate holidays while living on base or stationed overseas.

In addition to the matzos for military families, Yehuda Matzos boxes on the shelves of grocery stores will feature illustrations by best-selling children’s book author and illustrator Todd Parr with information about PJ Library.

A survey of PJ Library participants released last year found that the children’s book program plays an important role in how Jewish families, regardless of background, choose to partake in Jewish traditions. Families who participate in PJ Library say the program has not only motivated them to celebrate Jewish holidays (47 percent) and Shabbat (48 percent), but also encouraged them to learn more about Judaism (73 percent) and cook traditional Jewish food (51 percent).

Passover 2018 marks the third year of the partnership between the foundation and Yehuda Matzos, which includes videos created by the 9 to 11-year-olds in the PJ our Way™ program, featuring their own Passover recipes that incorporate matzah. In addition to the videos from tweens, PJ Library assembled family-friendly recipes as well as activities, books, videos and music to help families celebrate the holiday.