Jewish Agency Response to IFCJ Aliyah Initiative

The Jewish Agency has released the following statement (below – in full) in response to yesterday’s announcement from the International fellowship of Christians and Jews:

“The Jewish Agency for Israel is the body tasked with bringing new immigrants to Israel. As part of its activities, The Jewish Agency works with various government ministries and other organizations interested in aiding its efforts to bring immigrants to the Jewish state.

“While The Jewish Agency certainly welcomes the involvement of any organization interested in helping to promote and facilitate Aliyah, we view the recent announcement by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews as unfortunate and ill-advised. The Jewish Agency is the only organization with the infrastructure, the proven experience, and the mandate from both the Government of Israel and the Jewish people to oversee and carry out Aliyah activities. Competition or duplication of these activities would be both misguided and wasteful and serve only to undermine these efforts, while cooperation would advance this noble mission.”