Jewish Agency Names New Director General

Alan Hoffmann, currently the Director General, Education Department – Jewish Agency for Israel, has been named Director General of the Jewish Agency. Alan succeeds Moshe Vigdor who has accepted the same position with the Council for Higher Education and the Education Ministry’s council on planning and budget.

Over the past ten years, Alan has led the Jewish Agency’s Education Department in its mission to intensify the unique and multi-dimensional significance of Israel in connecting the next generation of Jews to their heritage, people and homeland.

Since his Aliyah from South Africa in 1967, Alan’s professional life has been dedicated to promoting Jewish Education. Under his leadership, the department has developed such groundbreaking initiatives as MASA Israel Journey and MAKOM – a think-practice tank focused on re-imagining the place of Israel in Jewish life. He has led the department to play a central role in promoting Jewish identity, a connection to the Jewish People and a connection to Israel.

Alan is both the first Anglo and the first Oleh to hold this position.