It’s 2013, Do You Know Where Your Affordability Is?

by Charles Cohen

You have opinions about day school affordability. Theories, ideas, firmly held preconceptions – they are in your brain, just bouncing around. I myself am currently holding three or four impossible perspectives in my head, and it’s not even breakfast. The Affordability Knowledge Center is not just about me giving you information; it’s also about you sharing your beliefs and experiences with the field.

As a way to kick off this new year, I asked some of our most insightful Jewish thinkers to give a brief insight into how they’re looking at affordability, either specifically for day schools, or more broadly for the Jewish community. Some chose specific strategies that can help schools move forward; others simply broached important questions that can lead you to finding your own solutions.

After reading these short blurbs, feel free to add your own – that’s really the only way we’re going to learn from each other.

cross-posted with PEJE blog