It’s 2010 – Where Are You?

Network for Good has released a new e-book, The 8 Online Fundraising Changes You Must Make in 2010 – a combination of practical tips and best practices including resources you need to have in place whether your organization is a beginner or looking to scale the next mountain.

This from the introduction:

If you’re up to speed, you’re collecting donations on your website with a well-crafted, compelling, clearly branded and secure donation page. You’re using software designed for bulk email marketing, not Outlook, to communicate with your community of supporters. You have a social media strategy and you’ve committed the resources necessary to achieve your clearly articulated, measurable goals. You continually assess how all of these efforts are performing against your targets. Your online and offline outreach is seamlessly integrated.

You need to be doing all of these things. Now.

Why? Because individual donors contribute a whopping three-quarters of all charitable giving. And in focusing on individual givers, you need to realize that more and more of those people are donating and taking action online. Consider the following, which can be a useful list to put in front of a skeptical boss:

  • While online giving is only around 10 percent of overall giving, it is growing very fast – about 50% per year. Network for Good processed 58% more dollars online in 2009 vs. 2008.
  • According to Convio, 39% of consumers reported making an online donation after visiting a charity website in 2009.
  • According to a Kintera study, over 60% of all donors – online and offline – did research online before giving. Donors are not only researching your organization on your website, but also all over the Internet – from blogs to rating organizations, thanks to the increasing power of search engines. How well you are positioned online affects all of your fundraising efforts.

The complete e-book is available for free download (registration required).