Israeli New Yorkers Poorer than U.S. Jews

More on UJA Federation New York’s new Jewish Community Study (as reported by Globes):

127,000 people (Jews and non-Jews) live in 41,000 households with Israelis in New York City, Long Island and Westchester. This includes households with an Israeli-born respondent or spouse or a non-U.S. born respondent who had lived in Israel.

  • Israeli-headed households account for 6% of Jewish households in greater New York.
  • Israeli New Yorkers are significantly less educated than their Jewish peers. 39% of Israeli New Yorkers have only a high school education or less, compared with 23% of New York Jews.
  • Israeli New Yorkers are poorer than their Jewish peers. Poor and near-poor Israeli New York households account for 39% of the total, compared with 28% poor and near-poor Jewish New York households.
  • 65% of Israeli New Yorkers belong to a synagogue, compared with 43% of New York Jews.

updated: this post was updated to clarify who is included in the households.