Introducing Diaspora Diaries

Like all organizations, JDC Entwine asks itself every day how they can reach more people. Every year, thousands of young people attend their network events in their city, and hundreds participate in immersive experiences abroad. But they know that even more young people can be reached where they spend most of their time: on their smartphone.

Noah Gardenswartz, a comedian and JDC Entwine National Steering Committee member, is helping drive Entwine’s development of a series of comedic online film shorts – Diaspora Diaries – to reach new audiences.

“People are spending an enormous amount of time in front of their computers and phones.” said Gardenswartz. “There is real power in delivering small pieces of educational, funny, and authentic content to the palm of their hands. It’s time to bring global Jewish life to young people in a new way.”

“So much of Entwine has been built by the young leaders involved – pitching and building their ideas of what works,” said Sarah Eisenman, Executive Director of JDC Entwine and an Assistant Executive Vice-President at JDC. “And, Noah’s approach can both capture the minds of Jewish young adults and model Jewish content that meets them where they are; somewhere at the intersection of authenticity and virtual.”

Noah and JDC Entwine are just getting started. The 4-minute film making the rounds online is the first in a series, which will take viewers to all corners of the Jewish globe in just minutes of their time.

Check out the first of Diaspora Diaries above.