Institute for Jewish Policy Research Releases Jewish Families and Households Report

UK synagogue membershipThe Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR), a London-based independent research organisation, has released “Jewish families and Jewish households Census – insights about how we live.”

This is the fifth report JPR has published using data from the 2011 Census. Unlike the first four which analyse the data through the lens of individual Jews, this one looks at the Jewish population through the lens of Jewish households – or Jewish families. That is to say, it works to ascertain with whom Jews live throughout the various stages of their lives, thereby throwing light in new ways on the very concept of the Jewish family, arguably the most important dimension of Jewish existence.

Major findings include:

  1. There is no such thing as an identikit Jewish family.
  2. Almost a third of all Jewish households have people living within them who are either not Jewish, have no religion, or choose not to declare their religion.
  3. Of all groups within the Jewish population, Jewish students are most likely to be living with non-Jews.
  4. There has been a significant decline over the past decade in the number of Jewish young adults living alone.
  5. There are more than 17,600 Jews aged 65 or above living alone, a majority of whom are women.
  6. The proportion of Jews who own their own homes fell by almost 10% between 2001 and 2011, alongside a 36% increase in levels of renting from a private landlord or letting agency.
  7. In the face of major change in family formation habits across Britain, British Jews remain relatively traditional in their practices.

The complete report is available at