HUC Continues to Struggle With Budget Problems

Facing a $3 million budget deficit for the current year, Hebrew Union College is expected to continue belt-tightening when their Board of Governors meets later today. However, any decisions on campus closings will be deferred for at least two years.


Hebrew Union gathers support

Hebrew Union College’s board of governors is expected to vote Monday in Cincinnati, the college’s historic home, on a restructuring of the four-campus Jewish seminary.

But before that, local Jewish leaders counted on 1,000 people flocking Sunday night to the Mayerson Jewish Community Center in Amberley Village to show their support for the college’s Clifton campus, which has been a powerful force in Reform Judaism since Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise founded the college there in 1875.

The goodwill of 135 years in Cincinnati inspired even more than that to come, packing every seat in the Mayerson Center’s theater. More people stood inside and outside of the space.

The centerpiece of the celebration: a $12.1 million renovation and expansion of Klau Library at Hebrew Union College and the start of a yearlong commemoration of the college’s 135 years.

… Once thought to be in jeopardy, the campus near the University of Cincinnati will be spared from closing, though budget cuts will result in program reductions, job slashes, tuition increases and other cuts, officials said.