How Can Small Nonprofits and Organizations Succeed Online?

eJewish Philanthropy welcomes this guest post by Jordan Viator, a communications specialist at Convio, Inc.

If you are a small to mid-size nonprofit, chances are you’ve asked this question numerous times in your career. If you are a marketer or consultant working with nonprofits, you’re no stranger to this question, either. And in last week’s Converging Campaigns panel this question was asked by a viewer who wanted to know what the smallest nonprofits – those with as few as four employees – can be doing online.

Adam Conner of Facebook started by saying that what’s important is “lowering the barriers of participation …the more people you can get in the door, means the more potential donors you have, which means the more people will donate. And it’s a funnel, because the more that’s required the less people will do, but the more people you have in the door means a bigger number.”

Some of the other main points included:

  • Online activity influences offline
  • Empowering and trusting your volunteers is crucial
  • Social Media is boon to small nonprofits
  • The tools exist now to help even the smallest groups grow something
  • Technology can actually be a great leveler in the playing field

Here’s the full clip of what the panelists had to say.