Helmsley Announces $1.75m in Grants to Israel Orgs that Help People with Disabilities

The Helmsley Charitable Trust has announced $1.75 million in grants to two Israeli institutions that help disabled children and adults, as well as their families. These grants are part of a continuing effort of strengthening Israel in the field of heath care and assuring that people with disabilities have quality community-based services.

The $1,000,000 grant to Shalva, The Association for Mentally and Physically Challenged Children in Israel, is for funding for a dining hall and events floor in the organization’s new National Children’s Center located in Jerusalem.

The $750,000 grant to Beit Halochem-Tel Aviv is for funding for creation of a professional hydrotherapy facility and renovations to existing pool facilities.

Since the Helmsley Charitable Trust began awarding grants to Israel in 2009, over $112 million has been committed to a wide range of charitable organizations.