Hadassah WZOA Threatens to Halt Donations if Hospital Control is Taken Away

According to Globes, “In an urgent motion filed on Friday with the Jerusalem District Court, the Hadassah Organization threatens that if control of the hospital is taken away from the organization, not only will it halt donations to the hospital, the US philanthropic network for all Israeli organizations will be affected, as well as “the delicate fabric of relations with the Diaspora.

In the motion, the Hadassah Organization says that the government bears the main responsibility for the financial condition of Hadassah Hospital and that the government’s position as presented in the negotiations on a recovery plan and in the Gabbay Committee recommendations is shameless.”

In a hearing today, the Court extended the stay of proceedings for Hadassah Medical Center, despite its operating deficit, and scheduled a new hearing for April 24.

[Judge Mintz] “told the parties, especially the government’s representatives, that anyone who was planning a Passover holiday vacation with their families, should forget about it. “We talking about the saving of lives,” he said, and ordered the parties to pursue continuous negotiations on a recovery plan for the hospital in line with the demands by Hadassah Women’s Zionist Organization of America.”