Hadassah in Israel: 7 on the Richter Scale

Hadassah’s problems here in Israel keep getting worse by the day. Now, in addition to board resignations, comes public acknowledgment of the women’s organization refusal to allow the hospital to set-up an additional, and independent, fund-raising arm.

from The Jerusalem Post:

Most Israelis on Hadassah board resign

All but one of the Israeli members of the Hadassah Medical Organization board of directors have resigned over its decision last month not to renew the contract of HMO director-general Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef beyond the end of 2010. This decision is being maintained at the insistence of its owner, the Hadassah Women’s Zionist Organization of America and its national president Nancy Falchuk, despite Mor-Yosef’s formal statement earlier this week that he would be willing to stay on for another two years.

… In a letter to Falchuk, the three newly resigned members wrote: “After a great deal of soul searching and numerous attempts to influence the board of directors to consider anew the decision not to continue the directorship of Prof. Mor-Yosef after the current contract at the end of 2010, we … wish to make very clear that both HWZOA and HMO are dear to our hearts… Nevertheless, recently we have faced time and again a large measure of lack of faith on the part of HWZOA vis-a-vis the HMO management including accusations regarding work- related issues without these things having been discussed thoroughly by the board of HMO. In addition, we feel that the lines that separate between the interest of HMO and the interest of HWZOA are not always clear. As a result there is a tendency to confuse them – something that we cannot abide by.”

… The resigning members also complained that with less money being donated by HWZOA, they had proposed the establishment of a friends’ organization in Israel that would donate funds directly to HMO, but this was opposed by the American members of the board, who preferred to continue to have its monopoly over fundraising.