GuideStar Israel is Live!

Israel’s Ministry of Justice was host today to a press conference celebrating the launch of GuideStar Israel. This tri-lingual web portal contains profiles of each of the 30,000 registered non-profit organizations in Israel.

GuideStar Israel features official information regarding all NPOs in Israel sourced from the Registrar of NPOs databases, coupled with additional information provided by the individual NPOs. This combination will create the most comprehensive and qualitative database of civil social organizations in Israel and provides Internet presence to all non-profit organizations operating in Israel – from the largest, most established ones to thousands of smaller organizations.

The goal in building the database is to create public transparency regarding the conduct of local non-profit organizations. Anyone who has an interest – donors, volunteers, suppliers and customers – may visit the site. Just as important is the Internet exposure given to the non-profit organizations. This exposure will encourage donors and volunteers, as well as cooperation between non-profit organizations with a view to reinforce the third sector in Israel and make it more accessible for everyone.

GuideStar Israel is a non-profit project developed by philanthropic bodies in conjunction with the Israeli government, and as such, it operates from within and for the benefit of the third sector, out of the belief that public transparency is an important means for the development of this sector.

Inclusion in the website as well as viewing records is free of charge and accessible to everyone.

GuideStar Israel is established in full collaboration with GuideStar International which seeks to illuminate the work of non-profit organizations across borders in order to facilitate better communication among NPOs, donors, supporters and other interested parties and among the various organizations themselves.

GuideStar Israel is a joint project of the Ministry of Justice, Yad Hanadiv and JDC Israel and is operated by NPTech – Technologies for Nonprofit Organizations Ltd. (CPB).