Google: Nonprofits Waiting Too Long to Begin Year-End Fundraising

time's up
A newly released study by Google and Millward Brown Digital shows that donor influence starts early and spans multiple sources.

  1. Holiday donors engage early on. There is a 30% increase in donation-related searches from August to September.
  2. They begin with ‘search’. 75% of all contribution-related research begins online.
  3. “Video informs, inspires & influences.” 57% of donors make a contribution after watching a video. Surprise: Google’s YouTube is the #1 video site.
  4. Mobile is a constant companion. 40% of donors conduct research on their mobile device and 25% donate using that device.
  5. Donors are comparing and evaluating options. Nearly 50% visit multiple nonprofit sites prior to giving.
  6. Mission and brand influence the final decision. 74% contribute because they believe in the mission.
  7. Digital is the most influential channel. Donors find online channels 20% more useful than direct mail.